My name is Jon. Thank you for visiting Faces of Law.

I take portraits to help me understand people and the wider world through their stories and experiences.

This site started off as me wanting to document the legal community but then through a series of meetings it changed.

Two words pushed themselves forward; social justice.

I also felt that things were going on in the world, socio-political things, that just didn’t feel right and that challenged my moral compass. So you could call this project my coping mechanism. An attempt to celebrate the people who do good things for others. It is also an opportunity to call out injustices.

I am not a lawyer, I am not a militant activist. Like this project, I am a work in progress. What I am doing here is not complex. I find people and then I take their picture and they share a story that I hope that resonates with others to create a momentum.

And you know what? Maybe we start to self form a community of purpose that stands up for justice.

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