“I have two roles. I am the volunteer coordinator and I also manage the tribunals project. I volunteered here as a social work student and the appeal was getting to work directly with clients, as you don’t get to work with clients on a lot of placements. Coming back, I like the supervision aspect of my role, especially of other social work students as I have been through the same process so can offer some insight of the journey. I also enjoy helping volunteers manage their casework, university work and personal life, and find a way to balance this. Lots of volunteers and students may struggle to see how their university work relates to their casework and I can help them see how the skills they are developing here can be useful and transferable to other roles. With tribunal representation, a lot of clients have spent months being denied benefits and are really anxious, it’s great to see the weight drop off them when someone says they can help. Some volunteers representing clients at tribunals are still studying or straight out of university and they can be anxious about attending tribunals at first. It can be difficult establishing trust and getting them to open up about this and other issues, but the trick is to share a bit of your own story. If I am asking you to share a lot about your story, the least I can do is tell you a little bit about me.”