Faces of Law - Fanny

I’ve long been politically conscious and I’m increasingly alarmed by the scale of inequalities in society in general, and in respect of access to justice in particular.

There are not many ways you can genuinely make a difference to society, but the occupation you choose for yourself is one of them. By training to qualify as a legal aid lawyer I want to use the law as a tool to empower those individuals who are the most vulnerable.

Although our work may seem quite dry, there is always a human story between every eviction, injunction or benefit appeal. When you get the sense that you have created a rapport of trust with a client and they are no longer a passive recipient of legal advice but have started to take ownership of their case and are becoming empowered in the process, it’s just great.

It’s not always easy and you sometimes feel that the odds are stacked against you, but regularly you make a genuine difference to someone’s life by helping them keep a roof over their head or escape violence – and that’s what keeps me motivated to do this job.