Faces of Law - Kat

Working at the Law Centre is challenging. There are days when everything is coming at you and you feel that you need to split into multiple people to get everything done. Cake helps me keep going!

 And, when I can help a client solve a problem and secure a positive outcome. There is nothing like that feeling!

Equality is very important. People should be able to access their rights and seek justice no matter what their background.

Many of our clients are particularly vulnerable: we have lots of cases where pregnant workers on low incomes are dismissed just for being pregnant. Without places like the Law Centre it’s hard for people like this to get face to face advice and support to pursue their case.

A recent client was disabled and was dismissed for requesting reasonable adjustments. We took the matter to an Employment Tribunal and she was awarded over £8,000 for injury to feelings. The client was very low and her self-esteem had been badly affected; but the success in the case helped her to move forward positively and she came back a few weeks later to tell me she had a new job.

I’d like to see a properly funded social welfare law service, where access to fundamental rights are not prohibited by whether a case is ‘within scope’ of a diminished legal aid system. I’d also like to see a system where lawyers have rights to cake!