Faces of Law - Rav

I‘ve always wanted to use my knowledge to help people that find themselves unable to fully understand their options and rights. This lack of understanding often leads to inequality, discrimination and worsening of the situation. Everyone has a fundamental right to be able to access assistance to understand how legal processes may affect their life. This is even more important to me when children are involved – as children are usually the forgotten victims.

In the journey I travel on with our clients through the duration of a case I often see the client’s confidence growing as they are more aware of what is happening, why it is happening and the choices they have. I work with clients from different walks of life. No day is the same as each client has different complications, often multiple problems and a different story to tell. Every day I learn something new from our clients, which helps me appreciate and understand the changing needs in today’s society.

As a solicitor specialising in family cases involving domestic violence and abuse, my best days are when we obtain positive outcomes for our clients, especially in cases which involve several of our teams working together. For example, a DV victim who is homeless and whose situation is complicated by her immigration status. These cases really show the amount of expertise we hold and how powerful it is when we combine it.

Sometimes the smaller things will make me happy – for example when a client thanks me for taking time to listen to her, when others don’t or are unwilling to. The best is when a client tells me she finally feels safe and not afraid after so many years.